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Tips for older adults and people with health issues who want to start an exercise program

Adopting a healthier lifestyle and getting more fit is a great goal for anyone, including older adults and people with health issues. However, it’s recommended for some individuals to get clearance from their doctor before starting an exercise program. These include people with chronic conditions, people over age 65 and […]

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Tips for choosing a fitness activity

Although the options seem endless, finding an exercise program that you can stick with can be challenging. When choosing a fitness activity, keeping a few factors in mind can help you develop a routine that works. Ananya Banerjee, PhD, a registered kinesiologist with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s […]

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Lymph node quiz

Doctors can learn a lot about the status of breast cancer by examining lymph nodes. This quiz covers lymph node surgery and its role in breast cancer treatment.

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Reducing risk of lymphedema after breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone radiation treatment or surgery may be at risk of developing lymphedema – an accumulation of lymph fluid that can cause swelling, pain, hardening of tissue and infection. The most common site for lymphedema in breast cancer patients is in the arm on the side […]

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Being more active and getting fitter: starting from scratch

For someone who has been inactive for a while – maybe even for years – adopting a more active lifestyle can seem like a challenging ambition. Setting attainable goals and making small, incremental changes makes becoming more active achievable. The big goal is to meet the Canadian Society for Exercise […]

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Summer fitness: what you need to know about warm weather workouts

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities: the days are long and warm, and there are plenty of things to do, whether it be swimming, cycling, kayaking or going for a walk. But summer has its own hazards that can present challenges: extreme heat, humidity, poor air quality and […]

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Checklist: reducing sitting time at home, at work and travelling

Even for people who exercise regularly, spending too much time sitting may be a health risk. Research has linked sedentary behaviour, or regularly sitting for long periods of time, to increased incidence of certain cancers and chronic diseases, and higher mortality. Physical activity and sedentary behaviour are two separate health […]

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Frances Stewart, RN, advanced practice nurse and nurse continence advisor at Women’s College Hospital, outlines two of the main types of urinary incontinence (bladder leakage).

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Birth control options: fertility awareness

Fertility awareness relies on tracking a woman’s fertile times, and either avoiding intercourse or using a barrier method of birth control on fertile days. Every month, changes in a woman’s hormone levels direct her body to release an egg from the ovaries. In order for a woman to get pregnant, […]

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Birth control options: the ring

The birth control ring NuvaRing is a hormonal method of birth control, like birth control pills or the Evra patch. The ring contains synthetic forms of the female hormones progesterone and estrogen. Each month, a new ring is placed in the vagina, where it releases a continuous low dose of […]

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