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Blood sugar basics

What is blood glucose? Glucose is a simple sugar that your body obtains by breaking down certain foods that you eat (namely, carbohydrates). Blood glucose or blood sugar level is a measure of the concentration of glucose in your blood. Why is it important? Glucose has a very important job: […]

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Women’s heart health quiz

Heart disease – once thought of as a man’s condition – is a leading cause of death in women, but healthy living can have a big impact on heart risks. Take the quiz to find out more about women’s heart health.

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Women’s bone and joint health quiz

Bone and joint health is an essential part of your overall well-being at any age. Take the quiz to learn more.

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Food for thought: eating behaviour, healthy habits and disordered eating

Why people eat, and how they eat, often matters as much as what they eat. Conditions such as anorexia and bulimia are well-defined examples of eating disorders, but some types of unhealthy eating patterns are more subtle. Disordered eating versus intuitive eating “Disordered eating represents any problematic eating behaviour from […]

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Heart health checklist

Checklist for a healthier heart For busy, on-the-go women, the following checklist allows you to check in with yourself and the steps you are taking for better heart health. Lifestyle Though many factors leading to heart disease cannot be changed, modifiable lifestyle changes can help reduce heart disease risks. I […]

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Blood pressure basics

Blood pressure is one of the most important factors affecting cardiovascular health. High blood pressure is a serious threat to heart health: it significantly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Blood pressure measures the force exerted on the walls of the arteries as blood circulates through them. High […]

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