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Planning a healthy pregnancy

Dr. Carrie Schram, family doctor with Family Way Obstetrical Group at Women’s College Hospital, explains how women can plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

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Risk factors for substance use disorders

Irene Njoroge, advanced practice nurse in the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital, discusses some of the main predisposing factors for substance use disorders.

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How can I help someone who is struggling with substance use?

How rapid-access addiction medicine clinics work and how you can support someone with a substance use issue.

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Don’t be shy about GI symptoms

There’s no need to feel awkward when discussing gastrointestinal symptoms with your doctor.

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When should I see my doctor about gastrointestinal symptoms?

Some gastrointestinal (GI) issues can get your attention pretty quickly. Others may be more subtle. It can be hard to know which things to report to your doctor.

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Colon cancer screening

Colon cancer has a very high survival rate when it is detected early. That’s why screening is so important: the goal is to find cancer while it is still in these early stages, when treatment is very successful.

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Is it healthier to eat a gluten-free diet?

With many products – and people – declaring themselves gluten-free, it’s understandable to have health questions about gluten. Women’s College Hospital gastroenterologist Dr. Talia Zenlea has the answers.

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What’s the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?

While celiac disease and gluten sensitivity have many symptoms in common, there are important distinctions between the two conditions. Women’s College Hospital gastroenterologist Dr. Talia Zenlea explains the difference.

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Heart disease risk factors: the Big Five

The Big Five cardiovascular risk factors, explained by Jennifer Price, PhD, Advanced Practice Nurse, Cardiology, with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital.

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Can exercise help manage mental health conditions?

Psychiatrist Dr. Valerie Taylor discusses the benefits of exercise for managing mental health symptoms and preventing recurrence of mental illness.

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