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Get energized about exercise: 5 tips to stay motivated for fitness

Starting a new fitness program is exciting, but it takes motivation to stick with it for long-term benefits. Stephanie Naulls, registered kinesiologist with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital, explains the importance of taking the time to develop a manageable exercise plan, and shares her top five […]

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Cold weather tips for winter workouts

Staying fit in the winter can be a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun. Snowshoeing, ice skating, winter hikes and outdoor walks are great options, as long as you’re dressed properly and keep safety in mind. One thing to remember is that our bodies have to […]

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How can I protect my health in cold weather?

It’s not your imagination: it really is more difficult to get around outdoors in the cold weather. When the mercury dips, you may need to take some precautions, especially if you have a health condition. “When we breathe in really cold air, our body needs to warm it up, and […]

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Body and mind: exercise and mental health

Mental health and physical health have a lot in common. Both benefit from basic and regular maintenance. Nutrition and exercise are the basic maintenance for both a healthy mind and a healthy body. While diet and exercise are often thought of as tools of physical health, research has shown that […]

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Exercise choices for better bone and joint health

Exercise doesn’t just benefit your heart and your muscles. It’s also important for your bones and joints. In addition to increasing muscle strength, physical activity stimulates bone formation. It also improves posture and co-ordination, as well as balance. That helps prevent falls that can cause fractures and other injuries. Although […]

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Exercise for a healthy heart at any age

Menopause often affects a woman’s heart health. For post-menopausal women, a healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death for women. The risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease increases in the menopausal years. Dr. Paula Harvey, director of the cardiovascular research […]

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Exercise is strong medicine for heart health

One of the most powerful treatments to help prevent heart disease doesn’t need a prescription. Cardiovascular exercise – such as walking, swimming, and biking – can be a remedy for a major heart risk. “Physical inactivity is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Thankfully that’s a risk […]

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