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Heart Health

Prescription for exercise: What’s the right dose for a healthy heart?

Exercise has clear cardiovascular health benefits. Debbie Childerhose, registered physiotherapist and program co-ordinator with Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital talks about the FITT principle and how much exercise is needed for heart disease prevention.

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Healthy snacks before or after exercise

  Being properly fuelled before or after you exercise is important, especially if you have diabetes. These snacks are healthy, delicious and easy to make. From sweet to savoury, there’s something for everyone. Aim for balanced snacks that include 1-2 carbohydrate choices (15-30 grams of carbohydrate) either one hour before […]

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Heart disease risk factors: the Big Five

The Big Five cardiovascular risk factors, explained by Jennifer Price, PhD, Advanced Practice Nurse, Cardiology, with the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital.

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Exercise as medicine

When cardiologist Dr. Paula Harvey, director of the cardiovascular research program at Women’s College Hospital, says that exercise is medicine, it’s not just a clever reminder that physical activity is good for you. Research has shown that exercise is a powerful therapy that can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and […]

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Why diabetes is a greater heart health risk for women than men

Diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease in both men and women. However, it has a greater impact on women’s heart health than men’s. “Diabetes appears to be a stronger risk factor for cardiovascular events in women than in men,” says endocrinologist Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe, director of the […]

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Hypertension for her: high blood pressure affects women differently than men

High blood pressure – or hypertension – is common in both men and women, especially as we age. However, it tends to follow different patterns over the course of men’s and women’s lifetimes. “In general, blood pressure in children and adolescents is equivalent between males and females,” says cardiologist Dr. […]

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Building better balance

Balance is what makes it possible to stand, walk and move without falling. It’s essential for mobility and for fall prevention, and is a key element of fitness. “Balance depends on the complex interplay of vision, the vestibular system – that’s your inner ear – and the joints, muscles and […]

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What’s the difference between a heart attack, heart failure, and stroke?

Heart attack, heart failure and stroke are different conditions that affect people in different ways. Dr. Paula Harvey, director of the cardiovascular research program at Women’s College Hospital, explains the difference. Heart attack A heart attack happens when the heart is not getting enough oxygenated blood, usually because one of […]

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Taking fall prevention outside

Falls aren’t just a major cause of injury. They can also result in chronic pain, reduced mobility, disability and even death. In fact, one-third of all hospital admissions for injuries are fall-related. The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that falls result in $2 billion per year in direct healthcare […]

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Tips for older adults and people with health issues who want to start an exercise program

Adopting a healthier lifestyle and getting more fit is a great goal for anyone, including older adults and people with health issues. However, it’s recommended for some individuals to get clearance from their doctor before starting an exercise program. These include people with chronic conditions, people over age 65 and […]

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