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What to expect if you are called back after a mammogram

Being called back for further testing after a routine screening mammogram can seem alarming. While it’s very important to follow up and have the recommended tests, being called back after a mammogram doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong. “In most cases it means the radiologist wants to take a […]

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Breast awareness: no one knows your breasts as well as you do

For most women at average risk, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) recommends a mammogram every two years from age 50 to age 74 to screen for breast cancer. Women ages 40 to 49 are advised to talk to their doctor about mammography to decide if they would benefit from screening. However, […]

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Exercise as medicine

When cardiologist Dr. Paula Harvey, director of the cardiovascular research program at Women’s College Hospital, says that exercise is medicine, it’s not just a clever reminder that physical activity is good for you. Research has shown that exercise is a powerful therapy that can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and […]

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Lymph node quiz

Doctors can learn a lot about the status of breast cancer by examining lymph nodes. This quiz covers lymph node surgery and its role in breast cancer treatment.

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Reducing risk of lymphedema after breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone radiation treatment or surgery may be at risk of developing lymphedema – an accumulation of lymph fluid that can cause swelling, pain, hardening of tissue and infection. The most common site for lymphedema in breast cancer patients is in the arm on the side […]

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Quinoa à la Med

Makes 6 servings 1 cup Quinoa, rinsed 250 mL 2 cups Bite size broccoli florets, blanched and drained 500 mL 1 cup Diced tomatoes 250 mL 2/3 cup Drained, diced oil marinated artichoke hearts, patted dry 150 mL 2/3 cup Diced, roasted red bell peppers 150 mL ¼ cup Finely […]

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Breast cancer survivors may be more likely to develop diabetes

Post-menopausal breast cancer survivors may have an increased risk of developing diabetes compared to women who haven’t had breast cancer, a study shows. Researchers already knew that there is a relationship between breast cancer and diabetes: women with diabetes appear to have a higher risk of developing several types of […]

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How to manage medications

Natalie Crown, a pharmacy clinician educator at Women’s College Hospital, discusses managing your medications.

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