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Sexual Health

Test your sexual health knowledge and learn more about STIs, protection and testing.

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Planning a healthy pregnancy

Dr. Carrie Schram, family doctor with Family Way Obstetrical Group at Women’s College Hospital, explains how women can plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

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Pregnancy and Fertility

Test your knowledge and learn more about fertility and planning a healthy pregnancy.

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Risk factors for substance use disorders

Irene Njoroge, advanced practice nurse in the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital, discusses some of the main predisposing factors for substance use disorders.

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Sun safety and skin cancer

Test your knowledge and learn more about skin cancer, sun safety and how best to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

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Substance use: Symptoms and risk factors

Substance use disorder is a complex chronic condition that requires a range of strategies to combat, much like any other chronic condition. Take our quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about substance use disorders including symptoms and major risk factors.

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How can I help someone who is struggling with substance use?

How rapid-access addiction medicine clinics work and how you can support someone with a substance use issue.

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Prescription for exercise: What’s the right dose for a healthy heart?

Exercise has clear cardiovascular health benefits. Debbie Childerhose, registered physiotherapist and program co-ordinator with Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital talks about the FITT principle and how much exercise is needed for heart disease prevention.

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Healthy snacks before or after exercise

  Being properly fuelled before or after you exercise is important, especially if you have diabetes. These snacks are healthy, delicious and easy to make. From sweet to savoury, there’s something for everyone. Aim for balanced snacks that include 1-2 carbohydrate choices (15-30 grams of carbohydrate) either one hour before […]

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Mental health and anxiety quiz

How do you know if what you’re experiencing is more than everyday worry? Take our quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the differences between being worried and having anxiety.

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